Mental Health Friday: Self-Love

Mental Health Friday: Self-Love

This is something I struggle with greatly, you can be your own worst enemy and be the one who hates you the most. I struggle to see the good in me and I want to share some tips I’ve been using to try and change this, I hope everyone enjoys these pointers.

  1. Write 5 Positives About Yourself for a few days

a)Try and have each positive different

2. Write 5 Things You Did Well for a few days as well

a)This will make you think about your
day in a positive light and you can
get your stuff done and make
yourself happy!

3. Instead of what you did well, do 5 Positives For The Day

a)It could be anything, anything small
that makes you happy counts!
For me, I did a shiny Pokemon
or a good cup of coffee.

  1. This is one I struggle with a lot so I know it not easy but train your brain! When you think of a negative thought think of 3 positives. I have a hard time with this but I try to make it a habit!

So these are the tips I use. Self-love is very important, you can’t love anyone else or help anyone unless you love and care about you. You can be your own best friend or worst enemy, it is up to you. I am trying daily to try and find positives that make me happy. I’ll list a few for today in this post.

  • I did my blog post
  • I went for a walk when restless
  • I used my coping methods
  • I took my medication


These are all positives for me, I’m proud I’ve been keeping up with coping mechanisms and proud with my medication! Before I end the post I want to also put some coping mechanisms.

  • Writing in a journal
  • Mindfulness (like meditation, look it up on youtube!)
  • Drawing or doodling or painting
  • Playing a game
  • Loving an animal
  • Watching TV
  • Writing a story
  • A sudoku or word search or different puzzles
  • Cuddling a stuffed animal
  • Coloring

I hope some of this helps some people! Hope everyone’s Friday is great!


Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Thrillville for PS2

Disclaimer: Photos used are not mine and belong to LucasArts from their game.

Thrillville was first released in 2006 and Thrillville: Off The Rails in 2007. I just recently purchased Thrillville: Off The Rails for Wii, I have the original Thrillville for PlayStation 2. As a child, I always wanted off the rails for Wii so I was finally able to get it as an adult, next week I’ll review this. If you are unfamiliar with Thrillville, you are the manager of an amusement park and start creating a park that your customers enjoy and create mayhem if you wish.


You start out by having Mortimer (crazy mad scientist) explain to you he is leaving the park to you and then you choose a character (child or teen) to play as the manager and there is decent customization for when this game came out.

In this game, you can talk to guests or even flirt with them, play mini-games and ride the rides you’ve built. When talking to guests you get some cool facts if you read what your character is saying and can get audio from the guest, you have to watch which stuff that guest likes to keep talking to them and raise their friendship level with you. The mini-games are game stations you’ve built around the park and are either arcade games or a first-person shooter. Riding the roller-coasters and other rides are entertaining.

One of the many minigames in Thrillville

You also have to “train” your staff which is a set of different mini-games. There is a dance game for the entertainers, a cleaning game for janitorial and a fixing rides game for the maintenance crew.


The dancing minigame


This game was a favorite as a kid and still is as an adult. Hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any PlayStation 2 games you enjoy, leave a comment.

Mobile Games: Spring Events

Mobile Games

 Spring Events

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with these games or companies or websites used in this article, just a collective article of events for mobile games that I also play and some I’m interested in. Any photos used belong to the rightful owners and I’m in no way claiming them as mine.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Blooming Announcement (Sakurapop)

March 29th – April 28th 
The Bunny Day Egg Hunt

April 11th to April 21th

One more event this month, fishing tourney is my guess.

Earlier this month “The Blooming Announcement” where you can earn the “Sakurapop” flowers through different events which started with “Katie’s Time Out” and is continuing with “Bunny Day Egg Hunt” and a fishing tourney near the end of the month to get more of the flowers. I started late with this event and am slowly but surely catching up! This marks the 6th seasonal event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

The Bunny Day egg hunt event is on until the 23rd of April and you can collect eggs to get special Easter themed items, like painted eggs (twenty bunny day eggs each) and a bunny day plush (six-hundred bunny day eggs) within a few hours of play I had over sixty eggs, so if you got a late start like me you can still catch up.

The eggs refresh every animal switch, so if you get on then you can get a ton of eggs and use “Pete’s Parcel Service” to deliver to everyone for you can get everything done faster. Your campers well give you eggs when you talk to them, so talk to them often when prompted to during this event and others!

Pokemon Go

Hop to Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza!
Start time is 4/16/19 and ends 4/23/19

Info here:

How to Train Your Dragon: Rise of Berk (review of game coming soon)
Thawfest Egg Hunt
March 28th – April 25th
Info here:

More info:

Love Nikki
Disney Magical Kingdom
Dragon City
Food Fantasy

Next time I’ll try and be sooner with these updates. I’ll add some more games within the next few days. Have a suggestion? Leave them in the comments.



Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A Review

Disclaimer: any photos used that are apart of pocket camp are not mine and belong to Nintendo (I may use a screenshot or two)

5 stars for new gameplay mechanics

5 stars for cuteness

3 stars for the amount of in-app purchases

3 stars for an overwhelming amount of events

3.5 stars total

I started animal crossing with “Wild World” and have loved the cute villagers ever since. When Pocket Camp came out I was extremely excited, as the game progressed it was still but the amount of in-app purchases was horrid. There are two in-game currencies: leaf tickets and bells. Leaf tickets you can buy with real money, you can buy bells as well, but the exclusive items cost leaf tickets and sometimes an awful lot of them. I personally have never bought any just saved them up for events I enjoy the items for. I’ll point these out within the review and some of my favorite new gameplay mechanics.

Fortune Cookies are equivalent to mystery boxes in other games and there are some very tempting cute items to get from the cookies but it is a pure chance on what you can get. These can cost many many leaf tickets to get what you want.

Another one is cute in-game event items and clothes. One older item was Brewster’s coffee cart and Brewster being my favorite, I got the item. Brewster is a coffee serving pigeon (or an owl?) and my favorite non-playable character (NPC). There are very cute clothes as well and I’m a sucker for those. Other leaf ticket items would be your camp customization (like a Christmas backdrop or spring), some wallpaper and other smaller things.

You can also use leaf tickets to speed up crafting (some craft times can get up to 48hrs!) and to get missing items but this can get spendy as well so I just wait it out. These are the main leaf ticket ones I can think of right now, a lot of new features have been added to the game since released (over a year ago now!).

My favorite new feature is Pete’s Parcel Service where Pete (post office Seagull) delivers your items to the villagers all around. It saves a lot of time and helps finish stuff faster for you can go do other things. I also love the cabin and the Blather’s Treasure Trek (owl from the museum) maps are enjoyable and easy bells (5 leaf tickets to auto complete most) and you can get leaf tickets as well.

One of my least favorite parts is how many events go on all the time and it gets overwhelming for me, I’ve seen this a common feeling while on Facebook groups for the game. Right now is an egg hunt event and a sakurapop (Cherry Blossom Festival related) event. The spring events are fun, eggs aren’t that hard to find. I’ll do a separate article for these events later today.

The Happy Home Designer feature is also enjoyable since I found the actual game fun and relaxing. Furniture crafting (like said above) can take quite a bit of time, the most I’ve seen for furniture where I’m at is 12 or so hours.

There are a lot more features in this game, like Gulliver (an annoying seagull who takes your items for different stuff to get) or the quarry (20 leaf tickets or friends to help you complete) and gardening or your camper. This app has a lot to it and I’m going to post more about the app later and different animal crossing articles since a switch game are coming this year.

My character and Fauna!

Hope everyone enjoyed this article! Constructive criticism is welcome!

Caturday Saturday

Caturday Saturday

Disclaimer: any photos of characters are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

Apologies for bad formatting!

Have a favorite fandom animal? I have many, so I thought why not start Caturday Saturday on my blog for favorite fandom animals. Suggestions are welcome or pet photos to share. I’ll probably share a picture of my cat each Saturday cause who doesn’t love a cute cat?
This Saturday I am doing my top favorite fandom animals from video games to television to movies and more. I hope everyone enjoys my list!

My Top 5 Fandom Animals

1. Scooby-Doo

I’m used to the old ones that originally aired in the 1960’s. I was a 90’s baby and grew up watching them on boomerang and also “What’s New Scooby-Doo?”, “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo!”, and scooby-doo movies. The new versions fro 2010 onward make me go ew new cartoon style doesn’t look right. The lego ones are meh and the Velma and Daphne movie I gave a hard pass. The live action movies from 2002 and 2004 were a couple of my favorites growing up and I thought these live actions did well. I also played scooby-doo games on my PlayStation 2 (PS2) when I was younger, the one I played was “Scooby-Doo Night of 100 Fright.” I sadly do not own it anymore, it may be at my parents, if not, I would like to buy a new copy. This game was super challenging and amazingly fun.

2. Warrior Cats Series

I grew up reading these books, I started in about the 4th or 5th grade. I instantly fell in love with Firepaw (then star). The cats tales captured my imagination and I loved them and cried when my favorites had died. Jayfeather is my favorite character of the newer series, he is a very grumpy blind cat who captured my heart, as well as Spottedleaf and Leafpool. I could go on and on with how much I love these books but am just going to leave it at this and add a movie may be coming! The warrior cats website has been redone but still has some amazing content with games, forums, fan art and more. This has been a nostalgia purpose for me to go to the site and take the quizzes to see if I remember the content.

3. Tom and Jerry

Another cartoon classic! Tom and Jerry premiered in theaters first in an MGM classic cartoon called “Puss Gets the Boot” on February 10th 1940. I started watching when I was 6 (2000 about) and loved them. I always loved the fights Tom and Jerry had and then them teaming up with each other usually against spike or another cat. Though, even at a young age I noticed with a musketeer one it had a dark tone to it and a beheading in the background. Creepy, right? When I was older (maybe 11 or 12) I got a PS2 and got my parents to purchase “Tom and Jerry: War of The Whiskers” which is a boxing style fighting game. It was my favorite for the longest time due to the fact my dad always played it with me. I still have the game and original PS2.

4. Winnie the Pooh

These last two picks were rather hard to make, but Winnie the Pooh had to be on this list! Winnie the Pooh has an interesting history, A.A. Milnes son was named Christopher Robin and named his stuffed bear after a zoo bear named Winnie and that’s when it all started, first in a newspaper story named “Teddy Bear” in 1924 and then changed to Winnie The Pooh in 1926 when the book first came out. Winnie The Pooh I watched with my grandma, it makes this cartoon more special since my grandma still loves and we watched “Christopher Robin” together when I was over there for Christmas. I still think it is one of Disney’s best live-action adaptations. I have played games with winnie the pooh, “Disney Friends” for DS and “Disney Magical Kingdom 2” for the 3DS or 2DS like mine.

5. Garfield

Our loveable monday-hating-lasagna-loving cat makes the list at number five. I relate personally to garfield as an adult, hate mondays, want to sleep all day, and love coffee! The comics were first published in book form in 1980 called “Garfield at Large” and newspapers in 1978, the creator Jim Davis has done thousands since then. I see Garfield comics in my newspaper and get all excited. I first got into garfield probably when I was 10 or 11, “Garfield: The Movie” was one of my favorites as a kid and I still enjoy the movie to this day, as well as “A Tail of Two Kitties,” the second live adaption of Garfield. I watched the Garfield and Friends cartoon as well and garfield books.

Runner Ups:

1. Goose from Captain Marvel

2. Sylvester

3. The Aristocrats

4. Timon and Pumba from The Lion King

5. Fox and the Hound

6. The Rescuers (mice)

7. Dory from Finding Nemo
8. Spirit
9. Sam from I Am Legend
10. Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy

Do you have any favorites? Comment below and may be featured in next Saturday’s Caturday!

Mental Health Friday

​Mental Health Friday
Introduction Post


  Every Friday for my blog is going to be a mental health post, either about my past experiences and dealing with mental health issue and tips for coping. There is a rather huge mental health stigma in the United States (and world) that people with these issues are bad people. Reading through posts on facebook you can see the bigtory and people who judge behind a screen and not where they can actually get yelled at. Some posts are the opposite and show compassion with the couple of trolls here and there, which is very refreshing but its usually extremely bad or great. This post is

  About a month and a half ago I finished Psycho Pass , an anime about futuristic Japan that labels people based on their psychological profile. If a persons “psycho pass” hits above a certain level they are forcefully taken into care either for a short or forever, if labeled a latent criminal and a limited to be “hunting dogs” for the police force (actual term escapes me). This anime scared me for this reason cause I have some very severe mental health issues at times, it shows how bad the stigma is and how bad it could become if society as a whole, to be blunt, doesn’t get its shit together and quits being judgemental assholes. I want to end this stigma. Big goal, I know, but to start I’m going to be open about some of my struggles, the stigma does scare me enough to not open up about all of them, yet. 

   The topics I’m going to be covering are no joke, there may be triggers and I’ll put warnings if neccesary. Comments are monitored for the reason listed above  that I’ve seen happen on Facebook. It isn’t because this generation is “snowflakes” or some goddamn reason like that. I’m going to cover suicide, suicidal ideation, self-harm, PTSD and much much more, I am going to be blunt at times and other times nicer. These topics are serious issues!  So, I’ll give labels as needed.

Thanks everyone for reading.

TL;DR: Friday is now Mental Health Friday to bring awareness to these issues.


Shadowhunters: A Trainwreck Show

for the people who love the books
Disclaimer: Photos used are from the tv show and I, in no way claim them as mine.

I started reading The Mortal Instruments when the City of Glass had been published, so years before the television show (or disastrous movie) was considered and it has always been a favorite book and the characters and world are dear to me. One of the reasons why I did not read the last book for over two years because I was afraid of the heartbreak of leaving the characters I love behind, I have not started the new series which I will hopefully do soon. I have a lot of strong opinions on this topic and some swearing is used.

I would like to point out first, that Cassandra Clare has admitted they did not target the audience of the books (so screw the die-hard fans feelings basically) but more so of men and people who have never seen it and this interview has honestly pissed me the f**k off, especially because my main reason for leaving was Malec (Magnus and Alec ship) and how they treated a majority of the female characters in the show. Here is a quote from a Barnes and Noble interview with Cassandra Clare “[…]described a female character of mine to me as “just tits and ass” and told me no one wanted to see a gay character onscreen with a man so a woman would be introduced for him to spend most of his time with.” It also makes me extremely sad as a writer to hear how much she was ignored in the process of people trying to recreate a world she made

“[…]described a female character of mine to me as “just tits and ass” and told me no one wanted to see a gay character onscreen with a man so a woman would be introduced for him to spend most of his time with.” ~Barnes and Noble Interview with Cassandra Clare

There is a staggering amount of differences between the books and shows and after halfway, through season two I honestly am throwing in the towel and hope the show burns. I have enjoyed the show, I admit and have tried to stay along for the ride but I can’t anymore, I am fine just watching small scenes (mainly about Magnus) and looking at photos cause the casting that Cassandra Clare helped with was rather great.

A huge reason I never gave up on the show was because of Magnus Bane and my love for his character and how much he looked like the Magnus I envisioned, I love Harry as Magnus. So my mixed feelings of how they totally screwed over my ship are hard to deal with and them delaying the relationship because they are gay really makes me hate this show even more. I understand season two has new writers and showrunners but they have still thrown a rather big wrench in other ships and the storyline from the original books are gone still. Season 2 is where my anger stems from, even more, killing of a vital character in the books on the show.



Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane


Magnus and Alec
Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood and Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane



Lydia Branwell was the most annoying addition to the series and tarnished the Branwell name I love. The name Branwell is in the series The Infernal Devices, Henry and Charlotte were characters I adored as well and grew attached too, especially Charlotte. Lydia did not live up to the name I know and love. The nice huge wrench they threw into my Malec ship didn’t help me like her anymore and the other ones they have thrown in season two make me want to tear my hair out if the did the book ones that’d be fine but this is plain frustrating. So that is the main reason I quit.

Another reason is Luke and Jocelyn, Luke was a great character without being a cop and is defiantly not the look I envisioned. I grew on Jocelyn in the books and they were another favorite ship of mine. Jocelyn waking up so soon then her being killed in season two ruined a lot of good moments in the show (like the ending of the last book).

Then our main character, Clary, to start off she was only fifteen going on sixteen in the books and not about to go to college. Clary in the books was a warrior who did not want to be that and wanted to be her own person and was a very inspiring character. Clary’s relationship with her mom in the books was so different and moved the plot along well (this is now gone as well).

Clary in the show is not a completely horrible character, she is strong and brave still, she will fight for anyone she loves no matter what and these are the traits I enjoyed but they even ruined those due to the poor traits they gave her. I think Katherine MacNara was a great casting choice and I think Katherine is a good actress but I hate that they have made Clary a damsel in distress so much and she is rather whiny as well.


Katherine MacNara as Clary Fray


The other differences that I could rant forever about are Isabelle and Yin Fen, Simon and Maureen and Simon in general, Jace and Valentine’s relationship and the whole “oh hey I’m a Herondale” storyline and the whole damn storyline in general but I’m going to stop now because it is late and I’ll continue with the plotlines I mentioned above in another article before I pull my hair out with frustration.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Top 5 NES Games on Nintendo Switch Online

I apologize for the lateness of this article.

To start off, I don’t like the controls very much with the Nintendo Switch and the classic NES games. for the Nintendo Switch Online. I do not own a classic NES controller for the Nintendo Switch so I have no good recommendations or reviews. The Nintendo sold controllers would be the ones I’d be most comfortable using with my switch. If I do enough research on a third-party one I would be willing to try it as well because I have seen between $5-20 controllers on Amazon, Gamestop and even at Burlington in stone. I’ll do another post if I invest in a Nintendo or third-party controller but for now, these are the ones I enjoy with the switch controllers (joy-cons) either attached or the comfort grip joy-con controller that comes with the switch.

I would also like to add I lived under a rock as a child and never owned an NES Classic OR Gamecube (I have used both but all of these games listed for NES are a first). I had a Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy color, I have always loved the handheld products from Nintendo.

I also lived under a rock with games I played, I did not start Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Yoshi and many others until I was around fourteen or older. The only classic Nintendo Games I played when I was younger was Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong, Tetris (my favorite as a child), and that’s it. My favorite Gameboy advance game was Donald Duck Advance, I had probably close to 500 hours on it and still know where it is (at least it should be there or I’m going to rather pissed with my parents), I also don’t think I ever beat it.

5. Donkey Kong

A rather cliche choice, I understand, but I have loved Donkey Kong since I was a little kid. I had played it before when I was young on the classic arcade machine and have loved it since. This classic 1981 version on Switch is one of my favorites, it is extremely frustrating at times but I still love it. I like playing one player better than multiplayer. I’ve used the attached joy-cons for playing mostly and once with the comfort grip controller on the television and was still really fun. The graphics on handheld version are really nice for a classic game and crystal clear with sharp colors, the television mode is lacking in this department, so this is the main reason it number five.

4. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

When I got my 2DS for the first time, I had purchased an A Link to the Past and fell in love with the Zelda franchise (previously I’d lived under a rock). I had not played any newer games until I got A Link Between Worlds (again I’ve apparently lived under a rock) about two years ago and again fell in love with the Zelda franchise, the newest Zelda game I own is The Breath of the Wild for Switch (which is on my favorite games of all time list). So I had to try to this game and it is a lot of fun, the controls for the handheld are frustrating because I’ve never played so like A Link to The Past it is trial and error and poor Link dying many, many times. I want a classic NES controller because of this game alone. I’d love to be able to experience a classic Zelda game like it is meant to be played.

I can guarantee a Zelda blog post will make it’s the way to my blog very soon, more than likely for reviews and guides for Breath of the Wild.

3. Kirby Adventures

This one was a very hard choice but in the end, I choose Kirby Adventures, Kirby I have always found to be a cute casual arcade game. I admit I did not start playing Kirby tell about four or five years ago and stuck with classic games and did not buy a newer game till around two years ago. I have a friend who loves Kirby and they got me started on this adorable pink little guy, they always choose him for Smash and it was rather frustrating cause they always won.

2. Dr. Mario

I have played a newer version of Dr. Mario on the first Nintendo DS and have missed that game with a passion, I found it on the 2DS but never came around to buying it (I got distracted with new shiny games, hence my collection of 60+ games), so, when I found it on here I instantly fell in love, the controls with this game I like a lot more and the television is not too bad unlike the last three games and number one. This game should be number one due to the fact I play it the most and the graphics I like more, but, I have another game that took that place.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Yes, another cliche classic Nintendo game for a favorite. As I said in the intro, I had played Mario & Luigi games on the Gameboy so it is a favorite and the reason why it is number one on my list. I do not mind the joy-cons but It is also another game that would be more enjoyable with the NES classic controller, but, again for handheld purposes, it is a good game

Runner ups:

1.Yoshi (the matching game from 1991-1992)
2.NES Open
3.Super Mario Bros 2
5.Balloon Fight


Supernatural: Fact or Fiction Part 2

Supernatural: Fact or Fiction

Part 2: The Devil’s Trap

Part 1:

Disclaimer: the photos of the pentacle’s from the Key of Solomon, the devil’s trap from Supernatural, or any images I say are not mine and the links well be provided. The cover and the photo edited for this article use free stock images and fonts.

The devil’s trap on Supernatural is designed to catch demon’s as the name suggests, it is usually painted (red paint most of the time in the show) onto a surface and when a demon steps inside it is trapped. Like most of the Supernatural television world the devil’s trap is derived from some set of lore with others mixed in.

The Key of Solomon was mentioned in season one episode twenty-two of Supernatural in the episode called “Devil’s Trap” which is where this lore comes from, the other one is more than likely derived from the Key of Solomon as well.

The devil’s trap is derived from the different pentacles in the Key of Solomon which was a 14th– 15th (the surviving manuscripts are from the 16th or 17th century) book (Grimoire) on chants, spells or curses on how to summon restrain, or trap demons or spirits of the dead.

This book was created during the Italian Renascence, The Key of Solomon is said to have Arab alchemists and Jewish Kabbalah influences from a different time period. The Key of Solomon was originally written in Latin . A lot of magic/supernatural (not the television show, I’m talking about demonic and other stuff) lore being derived from Latin texts (take the exorcism for one example) and then the text was translate into Italian and later English. The Latin name would have been: Clavicula Salomonis 

The lore behind this Grimoire is extensive and has been translated and studied many times over in history. To be completely honest, it is rather confusing and Ill try to summarize as best as I can. If I get anything wrong I apologize in advance because I have been going back and forth with all the research for a rather long time now and its starting to blend together in a blur. If you see something wrong as you read this rather bad summary, let me know.

According to lore, the King of Solomon had made the Key of Solomon for his son and told him to hide it upon his death. It was said to be lost for years and apparently found by Babylonian Philosopher’s while repairing the King of Solomon tomb. It is said the King of Solomon used demons to do his bidding, like building his kingdom and the text is the spells, chants and curses he had used to do all of this.
Another lore says he was given a ring with the Seal of Solomon to control demons and Jinn at will.

Seal of Solomon
Seal of Solomon

King Solomon has been mentioned in many religions from Muslim to Christianity, the story is similar in the texts but has differences. The main story on King Solomon was he was the son of King David and his tenth son, he was also the last King of Israel and a powerful prophet. Supernatural has been known to derive from Christian lore with demons, angels, etc. so that is probably where some of this came from.

Those three paragraph are what I’m comfortable summarizing and going to leave it at that and give links for the rest. If anyone has anything to add, either email me at or add a comment, I will credit you to the research and add it to the article.

Pinterest part 2



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