Supernatural: Fact or Fiction Part 2

Supernatural: Fact or Fiction

Part 2: The Devil’s Trap

Part 1:

Disclaimer: the photos of the pentacle’s from the Key of Solomon, the devil’s trap from Supernatural, or any images I say are not mine and the links well be provided. The cover and the photo edited for this article use free stock images and fonts.

The devil’s trap on Supernatural is designed to catch demon’s as the name suggests, it is usually painted (red paint most of the time in the show) onto a surface and when a demon steps inside it is trapped. Like most of the Supernatural television world the devil’s trap is derived from some set of lore with others mixed in.

The Key of Solomon was mentioned in season one episode twenty-two of Supernatural in the episode called “Devil’s Trap” which is where this lore comes from, the other one is more than likely derived from the Key of Solomon as well.

The devil’s trap is derived from the different pentacles in the Key of Solomon which was a 14th– 15th (the surviving manuscripts are from the 16th or 17th century) book (Grimoire) on chants, spells or curses on how to summon restrain, or trap demons or spirits of the dead.

This book was created during the Italian Renascence, The Key of Solomon is said to have Arab alchemists and Jewish Kabbalah influences from a different time period. The Key of Solomon was originally written in Latin . A lot of magic/supernatural (not the television show, I’m talking about demonic and other stuff) lore being derived from Latin texts (take the exorcism for one example) and then the text was translate into Italian and later English. The Latin name would have been: Clavicula Salomonis 

The lore behind this Grimoire is extensive and has been translated and studied many times over in history. To be completely honest, it is rather confusing and Ill try to summarize as best as I can. If I get anything wrong I apologize in advance because I have been going back and forth with all the research for a rather long time now and its starting to blend together in a blur. If you see something wrong as you read this rather bad summary, let me know.

According to lore, the King of Solomon had made the Key of Solomon for his son and told him to hide it upon his death. It was said to be lost for years and apparently found by Babylonian Philosopher’s while repairing the King of Solomon tomb. It is said the King of Solomon used demons to do his bidding, like building his kingdom and the text is the spells, chants and curses he had used to do all of this.
Another lore says he was given a ring with the Seal of Solomon to control demons and Jinn at will.

Seal of Solomon
Seal of Solomon

King Solomon has been mentioned in many religions from Muslim to Christianity, the story is similar in the texts but has differences. The main story on King Solomon was he was the son of King David and his tenth son, he was also the last King of Israel and a powerful prophet. Supernatural has been known to derive from Christian lore with demons, angels, etc. so that is probably where some of this came from.

Those three paragraph are what I’m comfortable summarizing and going to leave it at that and give links for the rest. If anyone has anything to add, either email me at or add a comment, I will credit you to the research and add it to the article.

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