Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Top 5 NES Games on Nintendo Switch Online

I apologize for the lateness of this article.

To start off, I don’t like the controls very much with the Nintendo Switch and the classic NES games. for the Nintendo Switch Online. I do not own a classic NES controller for the Nintendo Switch so I have no good recommendations or reviews. The Nintendo sold controllers would be the ones I’d be most comfortable using with my switch. If I do enough research on a third-party one I would be willing to try it as well because I have seen between $5-20 controllers on Amazon, Gamestop and even at Burlington in stone. I’ll do another post if I invest in a Nintendo or third-party controller but for now, these are the ones I enjoy with the switch controllers (joy-cons) either attached or the comfort grip joy-con controller that comes with the switch.

I would also like to add I lived under a rock as a child and never owned an NES Classic OR Gamecube (I have used both but all of these games listed for NES are a first). I had a Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy color, I have always loved the handheld products from Nintendo.

I also lived under a rock with games I played, I did not start Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Yoshi and many others until I was around fourteen or older. The only classic Nintendo Games I played when I was younger was Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong, Tetris (my favorite as a child), and that’s it. My favorite Gameboy advance game was Donald Duck Advance, I had probably close to 500 hours on it and still know where it is (at least it should be there or I’m going to rather pissed with my parents), I also don’t think I ever beat it.

5. Donkey Kong

A rather cliche choice, I understand, but I have loved Donkey Kong since I was a little kid. I had played it before when I was young on the classic arcade machine and have loved it since. This classic 1981 version on Switch is one of my favorites, it is extremely frustrating at times but I still love it. I like playing one player better than multiplayer. I’ve used the attached joy-cons for playing mostly and once with the comfort grip controller on the television and was still really fun. The graphics on handheld version are really nice for a classic game and crystal clear with sharp colors, the television mode is lacking in this department, so this is the main reason it number five.

4. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

When I got my 2DS for the first time, I had purchased an A Link to the Past and fell in love with the Zelda franchise (previously I’d lived under a rock). I had not played any newer games until I got A Link Between Worlds (again I’ve apparently lived under a rock) about two years ago and again fell in love with the Zelda franchise, the newest Zelda game I own is The Breath of the Wild for Switch (which is on my favorite games of all time list). So I had to try to this game and it is a lot of fun, the controls for the handheld are frustrating because I’ve never played so like A Link to The Past it is trial and error and poor Link dying many, many times. I want a classic NES controller because of this game alone. I’d love to be able to experience a classic Zelda game like it is meant to be played.

I can guarantee a Zelda blog post will make it’s the way to my blog very soon, more than likely for reviews and guides for Breath of the Wild.

3. Kirby Adventures

This one was a very hard choice but in the end, I choose Kirby Adventures, Kirby I have always found to be a cute casual arcade game. I admit I did not start playing Kirby tell about four or five years ago and stuck with classic games and did not buy a newer game till around two years ago. I have a friend who loves Kirby and they got me started on this adorable pink little guy, they always choose him for Smash and it was rather frustrating cause they always won.

2. Dr. Mario

I have played a newer version of Dr. Mario on the first Nintendo DS and have missed that game with a passion, I found it on the 2DS but never came around to buying it (I got distracted with new shiny games, hence my collection of 60+ games), so, when I found it on here I instantly fell in love, the controls with this game I like a lot more and the television is not too bad unlike the last three games and number one. This game should be number one due to the fact I play it the most and the graphics I like more, but, I have another game that took that place.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Yes, another cliche classic Nintendo game for a favorite. As I said in the intro, I had played Mario & Luigi games on the Gameboy so it is a favorite and the reason why it is number one on my list. I do not mind the joy-cons but It is also another game that would be more enjoyable with the NES classic controller, but, again for handheld purposes, it is a good game

Runner ups:

1.Yoshi (the matching game from 1991-1992)
2.NES Open
3.Super Mario Bros 2
5.Balloon Fight


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