Shadowhunters: A Trainwreck Show

for the people who love the books
Disclaimer: Photos used are from the tv show and I, in no way claim them as mine.

I started reading The Mortal Instruments when the City of Glass had been published, so years before the television show (or disastrous movie) was considered and it has always been a favorite book and the characters and world are dear to me. One of the reasons why I did not read the last book for over two years because I was afraid of the heartbreak of leaving the characters I love behind, I have not started the new series which I will hopefully do soon. I have a lot of strong opinions on this topic and some swearing is used.

I would like to point out first, that Cassandra Clare has admitted they did not target the audience of the books (so screw the die-hard fans feelings basically) but more so of men and people who have never seen it and this interview has honestly pissed me the f**k off, especially because my main reason for leaving was Malec (Magnus and Alec ship) and how they treated a majority of the female characters in the show. Here is a quote from a Barnes and Noble interview with Cassandra Clare “[…]described a female character of mine to me as “just tits and ass” and told me no one wanted to see a gay character onscreen with a man so a woman would be introduced for him to spend most of his time with.” It also makes me extremely sad as a writer to hear how much she was ignored in the process of people trying to recreate a world she made

“[…]described a female character of mine to me as “just tits and ass” and told me no one wanted to see a gay character onscreen with a man so a woman would be introduced for him to spend most of his time with.” ~Barnes and Noble Interview with Cassandra Clare

There is a staggering amount of differences between the books and shows and after halfway, through season two I honestly am throwing in the towel and hope the show burns. I have enjoyed the show, I admit and have tried to stay along for the ride but I can’t anymore, I am fine just watching small scenes (mainly about Magnus) and looking at photos cause the casting that Cassandra Clare helped with was rather great.

A huge reason I never gave up on the show was because of Magnus Bane and my love for his character and how much he looked like the Magnus I envisioned, I love Harry as Magnus. So my mixed feelings of how they totally screwed over my ship are hard to deal with and them delaying the relationship because they are gay really makes me hate this show even more. I understand season two has new writers and showrunners but they have still thrown a rather big wrench in other ships and the storyline from the original books are gone still. Season 2 is where my anger stems from, even more, killing of a vital character in the books on the show.



Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane


Magnus and Alec
Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood and Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane



Lydia Branwell was the most annoying addition to the series and tarnished the Branwell name I love. The name Branwell is in the series The Infernal Devices, Henry and Charlotte were characters I adored as well and grew attached too, especially Charlotte. Lydia did not live up to the name I know and love. The nice huge wrench they threw into my Malec ship didn’t help me like her anymore and the other ones they have thrown in season two make me want to tear my hair out if the did the book ones that’d be fine but this is plain frustrating. So that is the main reason I quit.

Another reason is Luke and Jocelyn, Luke was a great character without being a cop and is defiantly not the look I envisioned. I grew on Jocelyn in the books and they were another favorite ship of mine. Jocelyn waking up so soon then her being killed in season two ruined a lot of good moments in the show (like the ending of the last book).

Then our main character, Clary, to start off she was only fifteen going on sixteen in the books and not about to go to college. Clary in the books was a warrior who did not want to be that and wanted to be her own person and was a very inspiring character. Clary’s relationship with her mom in the books was so different and moved the plot along well (this is now gone as well).

Clary in the show is not a completely horrible character, she is strong and brave still, she will fight for anyone she loves no matter what and these are the traits I enjoyed but they even ruined those due to the poor traits they gave her. I think Katherine MacNara was a great casting choice and I think Katherine is a good actress but I hate that they have made Clary a damsel in distress so much and she is rather whiny as well.


Katherine MacNara as Clary Fray


The other differences that I could rant forever about are Isabelle and Yin Fen, Simon and Maureen and Simon in general, Jace and Valentine’s relationship and the whole “oh hey I’m a Herondale” storyline and the whole damn storyline in general but I’m going to stop now because it is late and I’ll continue with the plotlines I mentioned above in another article before I pull my hair out with frustration.

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