Mental Health Friday

​Mental Health Friday
Introduction Post


  Every Friday for my blog is going to be a mental health post, either about my past experiences and dealing with mental health issue and tips for coping. There is a rather huge mental health stigma in the United States (and world) that people with these issues are bad people. Reading through posts on facebook you can see the bigtory and people who judge behind a screen and not where they can actually get yelled at. Some posts are the opposite and show compassion with the couple of trolls here and there, which is very refreshing but its usually extremely bad or great. This post is

  About a month and a half ago I finished Psycho Pass , an anime about futuristic Japan that labels people based on their psychological profile. If a persons “psycho pass” hits above a certain level they are forcefully taken into care either for a short or forever, if labeled a latent criminal and a limited to be “hunting dogs” for the police force (actual term escapes me). This anime scared me for this reason cause I have some very severe mental health issues at times, it shows how bad the stigma is and how bad it could become if society as a whole, to be blunt, doesn’t get its shit together and quits being judgemental assholes. I want to end this stigma. Big goal, I know, but to start I’m going to be open about some of my struggles, the stigma does scare me enough to not open up about all of them, yet. 

   The topics I’m going to be covering are no joke, there may be triggers and I’ll put warnings if neccesary. Comments are monitored for the reason listed above  that I’ve seen happen on Facebook. It isn’t because this generation is “snowflakes” or some goddamn reason like that. I’m going to cover suicide, suicidal ideation, self-harm, PTSD and much much more, I am going to be blunt at times and other times nicer. These topics are serious issues!  So, I’ll give labels as needed.

Thanks everyone for reading.

TL;DR: Friday is now Mental Health Friday to bring awareness to these issues.

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