Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A Review

Disclaimer: any photos used that are apart of pocket camp are not mine and belong to Nintendo (I may use a screenshot or two)

5 stars for new gameplay mechanics

5 stars for cuteness

3 stars for the amount of in-app purchases

3 stars for an overwhelming amount of events

3.5 stars total

I started animal crossing with “Wild World” and have loved the cute villagers ever since. When Pocket Camp came out I was extremely excited, as the game progressed it was still but the amount of in-app purchases was horrid. There are two in-game currencies: leaf tickets and bells. Leaf tickets you can buy with real money, you can buy bells as well, but the exclusive items cost leaf tickets and sometimes an awful lot of them. I personally have never bought any just saved them up for events I enjoy the items for. I’ll point these out within the review and some of my favorite new gameplay mechanics.

Fortune Cookies are equivalent to mystery boxes in other games and there are some very tempting cute items to get from the cookies but it is a pure chance on what you can get. These can cost many many leaf tickets to get what you want.

Another one is cute in-game event items and clothes. One older item was Brewster’s coffee cart and Brewster being my favorite, I got the item. Brewster is a coffee serving pigeon (or an owl?) and my favorite non-playable character (NPC). There are very cute clothes as well and I’m a sucker for those. Other leaf ticket items would be your camp customization (like a Christmas backdrop or spring), some wallpaper and other smaller things.

You can also use leaf tickets to speed up crafting (some craft times can get up to 48hrs!) and to get missing items but this can get spendy as well so I just wait it out. These are the main leaf ticket ones I can think of right now, a lot of new features have been added to the game since released (over a year ago now!).

My favorite new feature is Pete’s Parcel Service where Pete (post office Seagull) delivers your items to the villagers all around. It saves a lot of time and helps finish stuff faster for you can go do other things. I also love the cabin and the Blather’s Treasure Trek (owl from the museum) maps are enjoyable and easy bells (5 leaf tickets to auto complete most) and you can get leaf tickets as well.

One of my least favorite parts is how many events go on all the time and it gets overwhelming for me, I’ve seen this a common feeling while on Facebook groups for the game. Right now is an egg hunt event and a sakurapop (Cherry Blossom Festival related) event. The spring events are fun, eggs aren’t that hard to find. I’ll do a separate article for these events later today.

The Happy Home Designer feature is also enjoyable since I found the actual game fun and relaxing. Furniture crafting (like said above) can take quite a bit of time, the most I’ve seen for furniture where I’m at is 12 or so hours.

There are a lot more features in this game, like Gulliver (an annoying seagull who takes your items for different stuff to get) or the quarry (20 leaf tickets or friends to help you complete) and gardening or your camper. This app has a lot to it and I’m going to post more about the app later and different animal crossing articles since a switch game are coming this year.

My character and Fauna!

Hope everyone enjoyed this article! Constructive criticism is welcome!

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