Mobile Games: Spring Events

Mobile Games

 Spring Events

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with these games or companies or websites used in this article, just a collective article of events for mobile games that I also play and some I’m interested in. Any photos used belong to the rightful owners and I’m in no way claiming them as mine.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Blooming Announcement (Sakurapop)

March 29th – April 28th 
The Bunny Day Egg Hunt

April 11th to April 21th

One more event this month, fishing tourney is my guess.

Earlier this month “The Blooming Announcement” where you can earn the “Sakurapop” flowers through different events which started with “Katie’s Time Out” and is continuing with “Bunny Day Egg Hunt” and a fishing tourney near the end of the month to get more of the flowers. I started late with this event and am slowly but surely catching up! This marks the 6th seasonal event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

The Bunny Day egg hunt event is on until the 23rd of April and you can collect eggs to get special Easter themed items, like painted eggs (twenty bunny day eggs each) and a bunny day plush (six-hundred bunny day eggs) within a few hours of play I had over sixty eggs, so if you got a late start like me you can still catch up.

The eggs refresh every animal switch, so if you get on then you can get a ton of eggs and use “Pete’s Parcel Service” to deliver to everyone for you can get everything done faster. Your campers well give you eggs when you talk to them, so talk to them often when prompted to during this event and others!

Pokemon Go

Hop to Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza!
Start time is 4/16/19 and ends 4/23/19

Info here:

How to Train Your Dragon: Rise of Berk (review of game coming soon)
Thawfest Egg Hunt
March 28th – April 25th
Info here:

More info:

Love Nikki
Disney Magical Kingdom
Dragon City
Food Fantasy

Next time I’ll try and be sooner with these updates. I’ll add some more games within the next few days. Have a suggestion? Leave them in the comments.



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