Mental Health Friday: Self-Love

Mental Health Friday: Self-Love

This is something I struggle with greatly, you can be your own worst enemy and be the one who hates you the most. I struggle to see the good in me and I want to share some tips I’ve been using to try and change this, I hope everyone enjoys these pointers.

  1. Write 5 Positives About Yourself for a few days

a)Try and have each positive different

2. Write 5 Things You Did Well for a few days as well

a)This will make you think about your
day in a positive light and you can
get your stuff done and make
yourself happy!

3. Instead of what you did well, do 5 Positives For The Day

a)It could be anything, anything small
that makes you happy counts!
For me, I did a shiny Pokemon
or a good cup of coffee.

  1. This is one I struggle with a lot so I know it not easy but train your brain! When you think of a negative thought think of 3 positives. I have a hard time with this but I try to make it a habit!

So these are the tips I use. Self-love is very important, you can’t love anyone else or help anyone unless you love and care about you. You can be your own best friend or worst enemy, it is up to you. I am trying daily to try and find positives that make me happy. I’ll list a few for today in this post.

  • I did my blog post
  • I went for a walk when restless
  • I used my coping methods
  • I took my medication


These are all positives for me, I’m proud I’ve been keeping up with coping mechanisms and proud with my medication! Before I end the post I want to also put some coping mechanisms.

  • Writing in a journal
  • Mindfulness (like meditation, look it up on youtube!)
  • Drawing or doodling or painting
  • Playing a game
  • Loving an animal
  • Watching TV
  • Writing a story
  • A sudoku or word search or different puzzles
  • Cuddling a stuffed animal
  • Coloring

I hope some of this helps some people! Hope everyone’s Friday is great!


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