Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Thrillville for PS2

Disclaimer: Photos used are not mine and belong to LucasArts from their game.

Thrillville was first released in 2006 and Thrillville: Off The Rails in 2007. I just recently purchased Thrillville: Off The Rails for Wii, I have the original Thrillville for PlayStation 2. As a child, I always wanted off the rails for Wii so I was finally able to get it as an adult, next week I’ll review this. If you are unfamiliar with Thrillville, you are the manager of an amusement park and start creating a park that your customers enjoy and create mayhem if you wish.


You start out by having Mortimer (crazy mad scientist) explain to you he is leaving the park to you and then you choose a character (child or teen) to play as the manager and there is decent customization for when this game came out.

In this game, you can talk to guests or even flirt with them, play mini-games and ride the rides you’ve built. When talking to guests you get some cool facts if you read what your character is saying and can get audio from the guest, you have to watch which stuff that guest likes to keep talking to them and raise their friendship level with you. The mini-games are game stations you’ve built around the park and are either arcade games or a first-person shooter. Riding the roller-coasters and other rides are entertaining.

One of the many minigames in Thrillville

You also have to “train” your staff which is a set of different mini-games. There is a dance game for the entertainers, a cleaning game for janitorial and a fixing rides game for the maintenance crew.


The dancing minigame


This game was a favorite as a kid and still is as an adult. Hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any PlayStation 2 games you enjoy, leave a comment.

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