Supernatural: Fact or Fiction

Supernatural: Fact vs Fiction
Part 1: Exorcisms

  1. Exorcisms

Exorcisms were used throughout Supernatural’s first five seasons, after that, they had disappeared for quite a few years due to new writers or some reason or another. In this fourth episode of Season 1 “Phantom Traveler” the full exorcism was recited. Parts of the exorcism are derived from Catholic/Christian exorcisms. Other exorcisms have been used throughout the show. Dean, for example, at the end of an exorcism added “Adios Bitch” to be Dean.

The original Catholic Exorcism was forty one pages and took a person thirty-five to forty-five minutes to fully read and was a prayer to Michael (the writers wanted to keep angel’s out completely in the beginning of Supernatural so this is one reason why this prayer was not used).


The first part (From Phantom Traveler):

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus

omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.

First part of the Catholic exorcism that matches this would be (roughly typed up) from Rituale Romanun from 1853:

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,

omnis satanica potestas,omnis incursio
Infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica

This is one part of the prayer that is close, to be honest, the copy I found is really blurry at time and hard to read, so going through all fifty-one pages of the prayer is not going to happen. I’m sorry but I do not have the patient to go through that or over five-hundred pages or pure Latin, if anyone has enough motivation to do so, I’ll link the copy.

But, hey they are very close together right? Just some spelling differences here and there with “immundus” and “immunde” both still have the same meaning of “unlean” and both translations are roughly this:
”We exorcise you, every impure spirit

every satanic power, every incursion
of the infernal adversary, every legion
every congregation and diabolical sect.”

Now I’m going to make an assumption (so do not quote this) that the rest of exorcism from Supernatural is throughout the fifty-one pages or other exorcisms throughout history. 


Part 2 is going to be on the devil’s trap (which should be up by Wednesday) this part took a lot longer then expected. This was on my original site as a different version which I could not find.


Found the Rituale Romanum here:
Link to book:

Interview of a Exorcist:

Prayer of Michael (translation in English):








A Year To Learn and Grow From

I would like to add before I post this, I debated a while on if I should due to how personal some of this is. Enjoy the read of why I’ve been gone. I’ll be adding another part of the good things that have happened this year and well be adding articles from my original site that just did not have the .wordpress. So, this is why I’ve been gone. Enjoy.

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Why Deadpool is The Best (anti)Hero

Why Deadpool is The Best (anti)Hero

This post is going to contain adult language, it’s Deadpool, just a fair warning.

I’m going to be nice and leave out Deadpool 2 for those who have not seen it. I’ll wait to delve in to Deadpool 2 until the DVD is out or something for the respect of an amazing movie, there will be hints but nothing more … .this is more comics than anything

Deadpool is my personal favorite hero even if he is an anti-hero. I had enough money leftover on my gift cards and not enough money otherwise to see another movie and I had to choose between Infinity War and Deadpool 2; I choose Deadpool 2. Deadpool has a strong place in my heart, he is in my opinion a hero, a hero that chooses to do what’s right even if it means making the hard decisions, which ironically makes him an anti-hero. I’m going to point out more of his characteristics that make him a genuine hero and the writers amazing. Get ready ladies and gents this list is going to be long.

Deadpool pulls up his mask for Hawkeye to read his lips
He also took a bullet for Hawkeye cause he can regenerate and Hawkeye cannot.

See? Since Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is deaf Deadpool helps him out. Deadpool knows sign language as well but I do not know if Deadpool has used it with Hawkeye.

Deadpool’s mom died of cancer
Deadpool’s dad was abusive

Now for those who have seen the movie (both) you know Wade must have been thinking a whole hell of a lot more when he got cancer than just about Vanessa (if Ryan Reynolds is really keeping to the comics). We also know Wade is nothing like his father, he loves kids and would never hurt one (hint at second movie).

Deadpool is pansexual and bisexual
When Deadpool came out in the 70s/80s this was meant to make people uncomfortable and challenge the stigma and make Deadpool even more awesome.

Deadpool has Chronic Pain
From the mutation he has pain and 75% of his money goes to pain meds and bullets. He is broke a lot.

Deadpool is insecure Deadpool has tried to kill himself numerous times Deadpool is down to earth and struggles a lot.

Deadpool is not afraid to do what’s right, even if he gets in trouble
This is a big hint at the second movie and I’m just going to leave this here.

Deadpool reads his own comics
Okay…does this make him a better hero? No, not really….it does make him an awesome hero though.

Okay, Deadpool cares. He genuinely deep down behind the sarcasm cares a lot about people. He cares about people getting hurt, he cares about people who hurt and doesn’t want to see people hurt (unless they screwed him over). He just doesn’t let shit get handled the “right way”, it gets handled Deadpool’s way which in the end is almost the right way but the “hero way” cause people are usually dead. He is a anti-hero cause he won’t follow the correct law to get it done. How many “heroes” have done that? My point is Deadpool is one of the most caring-complex-down-to-earth heroes and deserves a lot of respect.

Any question? Comments? Suggestions you don’t want public? Feel free to email me at

Thanks everyone!


Part 2: EV’s for Dummies

Part 1:

Part 2: EV’s For Dummies

I am not affiliated with the following sites, they are just resources.

Note: In this guide I am going to be using Pokémon Sun/Moon/Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun as examples to help people along and the games I most breed in. Later I may post for X/Omega Ruby or even earlier games. As well as X/Omega Ruby or earlier games referring to this guide.

EV’s are effort values which are like IV’s in some ways (like stats) but different (like EV’s are not passed down through breeding). EV’s are trained stats that you must battle other Pokémon, use Poke Pelago on Isle Evelup, or use bought items to achieve these stats. All of these will be explained.

EV’s have a max of 510 points and individual stats max out at 252. You need to choose wisely where the points go because not all stats can be maxed out, so you need to build the Pokémon on the moveset (moves of a Pokémon) wanted or the battle style wanted. There are guides online on what EV’s a Pokémon should be for a desired moveset or nature. An example is here for Mimikyu:
Pokémon Database’s pokebase is a good place to find good movesets for Pokémon, what the EV’s are, and the nature needed. A Pokémon’s nature determines various stats; for example the adamant nature increases attack and decreases special attack, and the Pokémon likes spicy flavor and dislikes dry flavor (some berries say if the Pokémon dislikes it, it could have negative results).

Now how do you check EV’s? When you are in your PC, press Y and a chart like in X/Y when you were using Super Training (this was used in Pokémon X/Y, a feature to train Pokémon in mini games to increase stats) will show up. Max stats will have a sparkle near them and when you hit 510 the chart will turn cyan.

ev training

A sort of equivalent to super training in Pokémon Sun and Moon is Poke Pelaga on Isle Evelup where you can train your Pokémon. To level up Poke Pelago to get to Isle Evelup is that you need a certain number of Pokémon in your PC and a certain number of plain beans (these are easily obtained from the first island). To level up islands from then on is the same. You can have 18 Pokémon training at the same time once the isle is fully built. It takes 45 plain beans and 45 Pokémon in the PC for level 1, 120 plain beans and 60 Pokémon in the PC for level 2, and 225 plain beans and 75 Pokémon in the PC. So either breed like crazy, catch a bunch of crap then release it, or wonder trade (same goes for the breeded stuff). You can either gain experience or EV’s for different stats. Your Pokémon is given a drink:

  • Level boost drink: 300 XP
  • HP Boost Drink: +4 to HP EV
  • Attack Boost Drink: +4 to Attack EV
  • Defense Boost Drink: +4 to Defense EV
  • Sp. Attack Boost Drink: +4 to Sp. Attack EV
  • Sp. Defense Boost Drink: +4 to Sp. Defense EV
  • Speed Boost Drink: +4 to Speed EV

You can also add Poke Beans to reduce the time it takes for your Pokemon to play.

Isle Evelup

Pokémon you battle give you a different EV, in Sun and Moon when SOS battles were introduced you can get more EV stats per battle for your Pokémon and essentially max it out easier. Here is a list of Pokemon and the EV’s they yield:

EV’s can be increased by items, some items you can buy are vitamins, braces, wings. Some berries reduce stats. In Sun/Moon you can find the vitamins at the Pokemon Center in Mount Hokulani on Ula’ula island for $9,800 each, the Battle Royale Dome on Royal Avenue on Akala island for 2 battle points each (you can earn battle points by winning battles in the Battle Royale Dome or if you use the Poke Bank), and vitamins can also be found in the festival plaza at the Pharmacy for 60 festival coins you can get a set of four if the pharmacy is 3 stars. All the braces except for the Macho Brace are available at the Battle Royale Dome for 16 battle points. For the wings I’m leaving this handy link here: The berries that reduce stats (only to 100) are: Pomeg for HP, Kelpsy for Attack, Qualot for Attack, Hondew for Sp. Attack, Grepa for Sp. Defense, and Tamato for Speed.

That is all I hope!

If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment or even email me at! You can even email me if you have a Pokemon related article idea ^^

IV’s For Dummies

IV’s for Dummies
Pokémon for the DS (Pokémon Go will come at a later date)
I am not affiliated with the following sites, they are just resources.

Note: In this guide I am going to be using Pokémon Sun/Moon/Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun as examples to help people along and the games I most breed in. Now, later I may post for X/Omega Ruby or even earlier games. Now, later I may post for X/Omega Ruby or even earlier games well referring to this guide.


This formula determines stats of a Pokémon, and I’m not going to lie and say, or how the hell to use it, or even the simplest form of using it. This guide is for people who don’t want to delve into the math of all the IV’s and EV’s (later guide) and everything behind Pokémon that honestly makes me cringe and does not make [playing] fun for me. I’m making this guide for people who want to be competitive but want to have fun being competitive.

IV’s are Individual Values and EV’s are Effort Value’s (not explained in this article) as explained down below IV’s can go from 0-31. Having a 5-6IV Pokémon is best.

Every time the Pokémon with the higher speed will go first, has this happened to you? Bad luck? Nope, sorry: just better IV’s in speed or more like maxed out IV’s in speed.

What if you want a Pokémon like this? Do you catch it? Ha. Good luck. A 6IV perfect Pokémon in the wild? That’s is a one in a million chance, like hatching a shiny in the first egg or first wild encounter when you are shiny hunting.  Breeding is your best option to get the nature, ability, and stats you want. So how do you get startedThe Pokémon breeder is located on the second island after Paniola Ranch. A Miltank and women are outside. You must go inside to deposit a Pokémon to breed. There is also a PC in there to get different Pokémon. (Heads up: Miltank can heal your party for you)

Here are some general breeding rules:

I’m also going to leave this here:
It explains that there are some Pokémon you need items to breed with, what Pokémon you can breed with same genders, and all basics of breeding .

To breed down IV’s, have one of the parent’s hold a destiny knot (I have my ditto usually hold it) You can obtain this through the pickup ability from either meowth or lilipup by chance or the Battle Royale Dome for 48 Battle Points. 5IVs are guaranteed to pass down, so you have a higher chance of getting that lucky number 6.

To get the nature you want, if you give the MOTHER an everstone (Rogonrolla has 50% chance of holding one or you could go to Llima house and battle him and get one) you have a 50% chance of that nature being passed down I have heard this doesn’t work with foreign Ditto’s (If you are in America a Japanese ditto).

To get a good IV Pokémon to start off with and breed to the perfection you want, start with Wonder Trade. Get some breedjects (breeded Pokémon that person does not want usually 5IV maybe wrong nature/ability but good starting place) that someone threw in (after a few tries). You could get lucky and get a very nice Pokémon out of the random Pokémon pile of crap we call Wonder Trade.

You can also try the GTS (Global Trading System) and see what you get. [ The key difference is,] you can give junk in wonder trade and get something good in return, but with GTS you have to give something good and you could get junk in return.

Now, how the hell do I check IV’s? Well, my friend, in the newest Pokémon Games, Pokémon Sun/Moon/Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun when you beat the Elite Four and get to the battle tree, there is a gentleman there that enhances your PC to “Judge” Pokémon IV’s. You have to have hatched 20 eggs beforehand to get this feature. This feature doesn’t outright tell you the numbers, but it practically tells you it is 5-6IV or whatever.

The max number a sat can range is 0-31 (it used to be 0-15). The IV rater tells you this:

  • No Good: 0
  • Decent: 1- 15
  • Pretty Good: 16 – 25
  • Very Good: 26 – 29
  • Fantastic: 30
  • Best: 31

So far, while breeding, I’ve gotten 5 best and 1 very good and was extremely proud. This was from a 6IV best Pokémon though, probably a hacked wonder traded Pokémon; But hey, decent breeding Pokémon. I’m not complaining.

NOW to breed down moves! Egg moves people! Ever see a Pokémon with a move it shouldn’t have? Well its either, one: hacked, or two: it’s an egg move. Now, for example, you can teach a Totodile Drago Dance because a Dratini is a water 1 egg group. Getting the pairings up right and the right Pokémon is the hard part.

Here is some more info to help you along:


Reddit (links above)
Bulbapedia (links above)
Google (images) <<<IV chart for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Thank you!

 Ditto Meme

Welcome to Fandom Geek Life

Thanks for joining me on my new site! The original site was and I’m hoping this site will stay with us for a while!

Family Don’t End With Blood — Bobby Singer

This quote means a lot to me. Family is more than blood, family is who you make them to be. Family stays by you no matter what. Supernatural has taught me that. To the actual point here, my fandoms have been my family and the people I have met in them whether it being Dungeons and Dragons, Supernatural, Pokemon or many more I have met a lot of people I consider family.

I hope everyone enjoys my post about my fandoms! Music included! I am going to write guides to games, movie reviews, game reviews, and much more!

Jenna out!

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